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We provide commercial and tax planning advice

Each year we are required to prepare and lodge our income tax returns. In this we have little choice and say. However, we can have some say in the amount of tax (if any) we are required to pay.  This can be achieved by undertaking some prudent and legal tax planning. Tax planning is simply smart business planning.

You will find it is critical that you have access to the right people who are able to guide you in making astute business decisions and also warn you of potential pitfalls.  Here at Warnecke & Co, our service offering is to become your trusted business partner. The Warnecke & Co.’s approach is to harmonise your business aspirations with sound commercial and tax advice and form a long successful partnership as your trusted business partner.

Warnecke & Co can provide commercial and tax planning advice to guide you to plan for success if you wish to:

  • buy & sell a business
  • transfer your business to the next generation of your family
  • merge your business with another
  • introduce employees or business investors into your business
  • undertake property development whether on your own or with another person
  • reward and retain key employees
  • produce a fairer division of family assets in the event of a marriage breakdown (divorce)
  • establish a family trust which can be an effective means of reducing the amount of tax paid by your family and also help safeguard the family’s assets from creditors
  • resolve a dispute with the Australian Taxation Office including the reduction of penalties & interest

As you can see, tax planning is more than the lodgement of income tax returns; it is Warnecke & Co.’s smart business planning.

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